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I'm in love with telling stories in moving images, as you probably already know! So let me tell you something else: My wife Dominika and I fell in love at first sight. Seriously. After two weeks of being together, we decided to get married right after college. Guess what? We got married right after college. I am also the father of a talented filmmaker - 4 year old Remigiusz. But for now, he mostly impresses everyone with his big eyes.

Dominika says that when I'm not being silly, I bragging how I used to practice motocross and announce that I will buy a motorcycle again someday. Unfortunately, I also have a habit of saying that I read a book after listening an audiobook.

The three of us live in Lublin, Poland every day. In our apartment, it's completely ordinary. We drink coffee, add more plants, I put together your stories and think about the next ones.

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